The History of Limpokwena Nature Reserve:


A Tale of the Land, its People, and Our Dreams


The North-Eastern tip of South Africa where Limpokwena Nature Reserve calls home is not only close to Kruger National Park, but also a part of the Mapungubwe Golden Mile which houses archeologically significant findings on ancient peoples. We have found evidence of previous inhabitation here at Limpokwena, that we have left scattered around the koppies for you to discover: rock formations depicting old homesteads, burial sites, and clay pot remnants.

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Centuries later in 1870, these 2,400 hectares became a farm called “Bivack” under a man named J M Kotzee. The history of this nature reserve lives on through old farming infrastructure and Baobab trees scratched with initials and dates from the late 1800’s.

Although these relics still exist after we became proud owners in 2013, our renewed purpose is to conserve and protect the natural gems around us and to sustain a thriving population of animals, birds, and plants for purely ecotourism and enjoyment purposes. Amongst other creatures, over 100 truly wild Elephants roam freely to and from Botswana over the iconic Limpopo River; its a thrill to see them right outside the lodge.

Although we are enjoying seeing the wildlife flourish again, in 2016 we had to make a hard decision to air lift our White Rhinos to a separately owned plot in Botswana, to safeguard them from poaching activity that is widespread in this region. Anti-poaching teams are several million Rand per annum undertakings, so moving these magnificent creatures to a more secure location was our best option - for now.

As part of our long-term dream, we wish to open a corridor between us and our sister reserve Zingela Nature Reserve, where endangered animals such as the beloved White Rhino have a large area to proliferate with the least human management possible, except for dedicated personell monitoring illegal poaching. Such a large project cannot rely on funding alone, and depends greatly upon sharing our unbridled love for nature.

Limpokwena Nature Reserve thanks you for helping for our cause in choosing to stay with us.

History of Bivack / Limpokwena - Limpokwena Nature Reserve

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