Contribution to the Community

Limpokwena strives itself on making a positive impact not only through conservation within the reserve, but through community involvement and education in the surrounding communities too. As part of Limpokwena’s contribution to the community, we have been able to make various donations to surrounding projects who may be in need of support.

Financial Assistance

Alldays Secondary School for their Winter School Campaign which provided meals and school lessons for a week during school holidays. We were also able to donate 6 laptops to the school after they suffered a break-in, and some vital teaching equipment was stolen. We also organise and run a food and clean-up for a local orphanage in the area.

Community Clean-ups

Limpokwena strives to lead by example, and as an example of this we are regularly trying to take part in community clean-ups. This involves a full day out clearing litter from the streets and public spaces and dumping it at the local municipal dumpsite. This is done in conjunction with local schools, and municipal departments to cover as much ground as possible!