Birding enthusiasts travel far and wide to South Africa, one of the hottest global destinations for feathered friend safaris. We see why after an encounter with a Pel’s Fishing Owl while walking to one of the river’s temporarily exposed islands. Limpopo Valley geography is uniquely conducive to a booming variety of avian species- the Limpopo River bordering Botswana and Zimbabwe creates a riverine oasis and a diverse range of habitats. Limpokwena Nature Reserve is part of the The Soutpansberg-Limpopo Birding Route, as recognized by BirdLife South Africa. Over 600 bird species have been recorded in the province, with an impressive 35 Southern African endemics and 48 Southern African near-endemics. (more…)

After much blood, sweat, and tears, Limpokwena Nature Reserve has completed one of our short-term conservation projects. We dropped fences along 7.5 km of the Limpopo River, which winds grandly through our pocket of the Bushveld next to Botswana. This has allowed all kinds of furry, feathered, and scaly visitors to come for a holiday in South Africa. Limpokwena’s dream is to do away with all fences, except for the electric fence protecting our accommodation. We will get there eventually, but want to share the magic of our new animal tourists – truly wild elephant herds coming and going as they wish. Animal autonomy for the win! Seeing these behemoths at Limpokwena Nature Reserve under their own free will is wonderful. (more…)